What is ESG?
ESG is a management activity that continuously increases corporate value by considering not only economic profitability
but also social responsibilities and environmental risk factors for sustainable growth.
Environment Society Governance
Environment Society Governance
ESG Evaluation Index
[E] Environment
  • Climate change and greenhouse gas emission
  • Air and water pollution
  • Compliance with environmental laws
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Waste management
[S] Society
  • Participation of community and social contribution
  • Labor-management relations
  • Worker’s safety
  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Consumer safety and health
[G] Governance
  • Diversity and structure of board of direction
  • Shareholder protection
  • Audit system
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • Whistle-blower system
Statistics related to ESG
Importance of future ESG management
※ Survey on ESG awareness: Maeil Business Newspaper, 2021(Nationwide 20 – 50s, 400 person)
Interests of CEO on ESG
※ Business survey for spreading and settling SEG: Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2021
Why ESG-ECO Expo?
As the conversion of carbon neutrality and green economy and environmental policies are newly promoted and economic ecosystem that promotes investment and consumption based on green industry technology for this is rapidly creating, ESG-ECO Expo Korea will organize events that cover both green economy and ESG by enhancing governmental and corporate policies as well as internal and external images.
Connectivity between EXPO and ESG
Necessity of ESG
An expo that presents answer for the necessity of ESG
Awareness on ESG
Improve public awareness by introducing diversified ESG companies
ESG Management
An expo that presents a direction of ESG management
Future of ESG
Present future vision of ESG such as climate changes, carbon neutrality and green taxonomy
Meaning of ESG
Deliver clear meaning of ESG through various contents
What is ESG Pavillion?
By organizing exhibition halls specialized for ESG, 2022 ESG-ECO Expo Korea publicizes ESG related companies such as promotions, branding, business and communication and improves their awareness by setting business groups in various positions ranges from major companies and group companies to small and medium sized companies and relevant cooperative groups and clear business targets (B2C, B2B).
Major companies / Group companies
Large-scale promotion
General visitors / Proceed ESG management cases of companies targeting buyers and large-scale pre-, on-site and post-promotion on ESG strategies
Improve corporate brand images for consumers through the participation of ESG hall, comply with fairness and secure legitimacy
Actively communicate with general visitors and buyers on the site by accepting various opinions to create effective ESG management performance
Minor companies / Organizations / Associations
Creating opportunity for new business
Provide value chains of partners, investors and customers to establish new and innovative green economic ecosystem in the exhibition hall
B2G Networking
Provide an opportunity to pioneer business channel through on-site consultation with related organizations including the Ministry of Environment, a host organization
ESG forum
Hold ESG specialized briefing and consulting through ESG related organizations and consulting of experts
ESG specialized B2BC special pavillion only for companies pursuing ESG management and activities