ESG-ECO Expo Korea
As Korea’s first ESG-Eco Expo, it is a business platform that allows companies contributing to the conversion to carbon neutrality and green economic society to strengthen their capabilities.
PeriodNov. 09 (Wed.) – 11 (Fri.), 2022
Operating Hours 10:00 – 18:00
VenueCOEX Hall C
Theme‘My Green, Our ESG’
HostMinistry of Environment
OrganizerKEITI, Messe Esang Co., Ltd.
Concept of Expo
6 exhibition halls are operated by setting ESG and key themes of green economy which covers all of B2B, B2G and B2C
Green Energy Pavillion
Green Mobility Pavilion
Green Architecture Pavillion
Green Consumer Pavillion
Green Product Pavilion
Items to Exhibit
Eco-friendly Transportation
Electric car, hydrogen car, hybrid car, UAM, battery, charging station, etc.
Eco-Friendly Energy
Green energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and transportation, etc.
Eco-Friendly Food
Organic, vegan, food waste treatment
Eco-Friendly Construction
Architecture design, air conditioning and ventilation facilities, dust reduction technology, energy efficiency device
Eco-Friendly Products
Upcycling, eco-design, daily necessities, home appliances, furniture, office supplies, crafts, etc.
Eco-Friendly Distribution, Service
Eco-Friendly stores, packaging, distributor, finance and insurance service, etc.
Organizations and Associations
Government, local government, public institutions, cooperative groups, civic groups, etc.
ESG Related
Consulting, ESG management business, ESG technology business, etc.